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orange handbag



    I purchased the Tory Burch Robinson chain mini bag at the beginning of spring.  I wasn't sure if I could pull off wearing a bright orange bag every single day, but I wanted to give it a try.  The blood orange color is the perfect shade of orange.  The gold hardware on the logo and chain match perfectly with every I own, and also give your outfit a bit of shine.  The inside lining of the bag in an adorable pink that compliments my tiny wallet as well. The handbag is very fashion forward.


   I'm very used to carrying a smaller bag, but this bag is very tight.  Your wallet, phone and keys will barely fit, let alone a few lipsticks and gum.  Also, the outer flap stays on by a magnet, and this often times comes apart and the contents will spill onto the ground. The bottom also has worn down a bit due to carrying it every day, but the gold hardware has kept its shine.


Overall Recommendation

I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a pop of color in their color-muted wardrobe.  I receive compliments daily, and really love how light and small it is. This bag also comes in several other colors and I'll be carrying this throughout the fall.
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